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Do you like books? Hey cool, me too!

Although my bookshelf is undeniably full and I’ve had to buy more than one SD card to hold all my ebooks, I cannot help but get more and more every day. It’s a problem.

I buy them, download them, borrow them, and even listen to them. Mysteries, horror, romance, contemporary, sci fi, and fantasy. ARCs, new releases, old releases, and not-yet-released — I want them all!

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Book Review: The Stand-In

The Stand-In is witty, frothy, and engaging from start to finish. It’s a refreshing if unrealistic rom-com with that great big pink HEA bow that we all dream about. Also, where can I get a link to that so-amazing life planner app?

Book Review: The Final Girl Support Group

When I heard this was going to be a show on HBO Max, I was not surprised in the least. It’s cinematic, nostalgic, shocking, fun, and just a solid story with a nice big scoop of feminist badassery.

Do you recognize these posts from another blog? Good eye! I am in the process of switching websites. This is the new site, so you’re in the right place.

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