Saccharine, but what else would one expect from a cover this pink?

FSOTUS Alex and Prince Henry of Wales, sittin’ in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G! If you’re really, really into the enemies to lovers trope, this one’s for you. I’m not, tbh, so the way they treated each other for the first 65% of the book was a little grating for me, but the sweetness of the love story makes up for it. Love each other, love yourself, love others no matter what. Awww.

The main characters are likable, their romance is spicy, and they’re both filthy rich, so it’s kind of fun just to watch them jet around the globe like it’s NBD.

As heartwarming as it is to watch Alex grapple with his sexuality and recognize that he’s okay being who he is, my favorite aspect of their romance is all the sneaking around and creative ways they avoided the media, their families, their countries, and pretty much the entire universe. It is not a spoiler to admit that this doesn’t always work out so smoothly. Chaos ensues.

If you’re looking for a feel-good gay love story but are as politically hungover as I am, you may wish to breeze through the political subplot. It’s not bad, but the last 4-5 years exhausted me for all things politics. The alternate universe is much bluer and kinder than the one I live in, and honestly, it just made me sad.

So if you want your teeth to hurt while reading about a bloke and a dude trading zingers and texting themselves into an inevitable romance, this is for you.

This probably reads like a 3-star review and honestly, it’s not the best book I ever read. But I stayed up late to read it, and I had so much fun I’d read it again. By my criteria, that’s a solid 5!