There’s a little bit of everything in The Realm of Tiny Giants.

Poignant reflections, humorous sci fi, mystery, heist, romance, fantasy, and so much more. Whatever your taste, you’ll find a bite here.

Dale E Lehman is no stranger to short stories. A prolific writer on Medium, he writes polished short stories with a range of word counts and in The Realm of Tiny Giants, he shares some of his award-winners alongside never before seen pieces. This large collection comprises 31 unique stories, some only a page long, others chapter-length. Regardless of the length, each story stands alone in a self-contained universe with its own cast of characters, but some may recognize some familiar faces from Lehman’s other works.

Despite the huge range, the stories follow a natural flow between realism, surrealism, and everything in between while maintaining the author’s signature voice throughout. However, I did feel like some of the stories were too small a slice of their respective pies and I was sometimes left wanting just a little more.

My favorite was “TelefĂ©rico” — the story of an introspective cliff tourist who meets a magnetic Spanish woman with an intriguing story to tell. “Orca” was another favorite just for the strangeness of it, and the futuristic dystopia of “Safe Room” is going to stick with me for a long time. I’m partial to the heist stories, but if I were a family drama or thought exercise fan, I’d find plenty to love here. There’s even a The Lottery-esque piece about social dynamics mixed in.

For anyone who enjoys thoughtful, well-written short stories in a full range of genres, The Realm of Tiny Giants is a no-brainer. There’s enough variety to satisfy every appetite and plenty of new ideas to explore.

The Realm of Tiny Giants is expected to be released August 16th, 2021. Special thanks to the author for providing a pre-release copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.